Our students have great parents.

Usually we write the blogs here at Round Rock Drums – but this time we’re going to let some parents do the writing.

After pulling off 4 shows in 3 days, we received the following letter:

Dear Ellen,

I am writing to you today on a very touching, heartwarming story about an amazing couple.

Our son, Evan, takes drum lessons from a wonderful Drum Coach, Ed Francis, of Round Rock Drums.  He and his wife, Kim, run a fun program for the kids and have a huge passion for sharing their love of music.

Ed and Kim have 5 sons themselves (all involved in music) and they really do love encouraging other kids to get involved in musical arts.

Last week, our child performed on Thursday at the Round Rock Express’ Opening Day (2 separate locations), Friday at Round Rock Express on the actual baseball field, and Saturday for a local Special Olympics opening ceremony.


Friday, as Ed and Kim were preparing to load up equipment for a show their youngest child began complaining of an ache in the lower right part of his abdomen.

In the ER they ran blood tests, did a CAT Scan and diagnosed their son with appendicitis.

Emergency surgery was required.

Ed and Kim struggled on what to do regarding the remanning 2 shows.  After much discussion they decided that THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

During all of these tests and all of the waiting, Kim – who had taken her “mobile office” with her – coordinated last minute details of the show. All while sitting by her son’s side in the ER.

They also discovered that their child needed to be transported via ambulance to a facility over 40 miles away.

The Francis’ divided and conquered.

Kim stayed with Caleb and Ed ensured that the shows went well.

The Francis’ cared too much about their students, the parents, the staff at the venues, the attendees and the Special Olympics participants to let any of them down – even while they were experiencing something so very emotional in their own family.

When Ed addressed all of us before the show he said “Thank you all for your kind words about my son, he’s in the hospital right now with Kim.”

You could feel the stress and worry in his voice (he was receiving real time updates and photos of his son from Kim on his phone).

When we parents offered that he didn’t have to do the show, Ed responded, “The show must go on. ‘Drum Therapy’ has always been there for me, and it’s what I need right now..”

He then stepped aside and began preparing our kids for everything required to make the show an exciting success.

That’s the kind of people Ed and Kim Francis are – they invest everything they have into their own kids, our kids & community and their love of the arts. These are the stories which are often missed, and we all need to hear more about these kind of everyday heroes.

Let’s get this amazing couple on your show and have them inspire an entire nation of people to follow their example of dedication, compassion and enthusiasm.

This story is about the acts of kindness that Ed and Kim do to make sure our children experience what it means to follow their dreams, passion and how to act out a fierce dedication to others. In a word…sacrifice.

And also about talent because our group of drum students are extraordinary.  These kids range in age from 5 – 19.  Some of them are disabled as well.  But Ed makes sure they all have a chance to learn and to fit in.

And that’s at the heart of what they do – they provide inclusiveness.

This was the show performance that happened while their child was being prepped for surgery.

These wonderful people have also started a non-profit called Rhythm Workshops which is dedicated to bringing musical experiences into the community – focusing on groups of people who have little access to making music (special needs, disabled, incarcerated, ill children, orphanages).

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,
Julia & Bill Campbell

We appreciate the continued support of our student’s parents – and thank you all for being a part of the Round Rock Drums’ family.

Ed Francis
Drum Coach

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