When Mr. Ed asks you to write – you write.

I was tasked with sharing about what inspires me, what I like about drumming, and why I love teaching.

I love playing the drums. I want to teach everybody how to play drums, and enjoy sharing things with others. As I learn more I seek to pass on those things to everyone! I also wish for all to find something that they are passionate about. If what I share can help them find that out, that’s awesome. I help others find their passion for drumming and music.

Challenge inspires me in all aspects of my life. It pushes me and drives me to be better – a better drummer and a better me. In my short life (18 years) I’ve come to realize that every time I’ve been challenged – positively or negatively – I’ve grown. Drumming challenges me, and if it’s not challenging me, then I need to learn something new. My Celiac disease challenges me. My body challenges me. And although I may not always enjoy being challenged in the moment, I always love the outcome: a better life.

One thing I like most about drumming is that it immerses me in music. The drummer is literally in the middle of the music. We are the backbeat, the main thing everybody else follows. Drumming also soothes me – when I feel unsettled I can just go upstairs and play the drums and it helps to make things better. Even just tapping on the floor with my feet, or the table with my hands helps to do the trick (although the tapping method doesn’t always make the people around me very happy). 😛

Another part I love about drumming, is it’s my way of contributing to my faith. It is a talent that I believe is given to me.

It’s a wonderful thing to witness when something I’ve been teaching the students finally clicks – or if they come back the next week with it down because they have practiced ALL week. Watching students do well inspires me.

I really do love working at Round Rock Drums! I love what we stand for and I love the atmosphere, my “boss”, and of course what the job entails.

One of my students said something about my “boss” (Mr. Ed). I thought it was funny because I had never thought of Mr. Ed as my “boss.” I mean, he was/is my drum teacher, not my boss, right? I was thinking back to that day and I feel like I am more of a “co-worker” than an “employee.” I’m working WITH Mr. Ed more than I’m working FOR him, I think. And he’s the BEST CO-WORKER EVER!!! 😀

I bring a fresh perspective to Round Rock Drums and look forward to all the outreach we are doing through the non-profit Rhythm Workshops. I bring new ways of looking at things. I bring added passion, if that’s even possible to bring more passion than Mr. Ed, but no matter how much we have of something, if we multiply it, then there’s more of it. And that’s what I’m doing – adding to the positive experience of what the students and their family’s receive through what Round Rock Drums & Rhythm Workshops is doing here in our community.

I feel like you’re not fully passionate about something or someone unless you want to share it with everybody you know. Although I’ve never been married, I would think that if I truly loved my husband and was passionate about him, I would want to tell everybody I knew about my love for this special person in my life. It would be as if I wouldn’t be able to suffocate that feeling no matter how hard I tried. Another part of being passionate about something/someone is that you don’t care what people think while you’re talking about this thing/person. You could get a goofy look on your face or act all goofy while you’re talking about it, but you don’t care! That’s exactly how I feel about drumming and teaching. And I hope to bring that kind of enthusiasm to all my students during their lessons with me.

I love to serve – I love serving people! I love giving what I have in order to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Rebecca Dillon
Assistant Drum Coach, Round Rock Drums
Awesome Volunteer, Rhythm Workshops

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