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We provide a caring and encouraging atmosphere where confident drummers improve their skills and where beginners are encouraged to take their first steps toward a lifelong love of music.

Master Drum Coach

Our Master Drum Coach, Ed Francis (students call him Mr. Ed), graduated from the Austin Graduate School of Theology, Austin, Texas, USA. After years of marching in high school bands, competing in the Jr. Drum Corps, touring with the USAF World Wide Talent Contests and performing in local bands, Mr. Ed decided to bring his passion for percussion into the heart of his community where he began teaching as a drum coach at Round Rock Drums and also co-founded Rhythm Workshops. The latter being a non-profit dedicated to bringing musical experiences into the community, at no cost to the children – focusing on groups of people who have little access to making music. He also devoted 8 years in the USAF, Mr. Ed worked for the Center for Health Care Services MH/MR where he served adults with special needs. Mr. Ed never forgot how music and drumming helped him to work through the pain of growing up in an abusive and dysfunctional home environment. It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Ed is featured in the London produced film, “The Rhythm Session,” interviewed live with his students on Drum Talk TV, and part of his life’s story is included in the book, “From Bullied to Brilliant.” The students and parents at Round Rock Drums appreciate what Mr. Ed brings to our program.

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