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Our studio offers performance based drum lessons. This means that we use private lessons/clinics/sectionals/group rehearsals and/or performances as tools for learning. Our students learn and acquire confidence in our interactive atmosphere. Students not only receive private lessons but also gain experiences far beyond the drum studio. We prepare our students to know what it’s like in the real world by holding a wide variety of performances using varied mediums of expression. Lessons at Round Rock Drums are an experience.

Sick Kids

In the spirit of keeping germs and illness at a minimum, if your child exhibits symptoms of illness within 24 hours of a lesson, the student should not attend lessons until they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. The drum coach may use “3 sick/personal days“ semester which may not be made up.

Be On Time

Student promptness is strongly encouraged in order to get full benefit of lesson slot and consideration of the drum trainer and other lesson times. Lateness can result in a shortened or terminated lesson for that week.


Tuition for a "25 Min" lesson each week (unless covered by a clinic/ sectional/group rehearsal) is $140.00 monthly – regardless of the number of lessons/clinics/sectionals/group rehearsals/performances per month – and is due on the 1st day of each month. Lessons may be delayed until payment is received. All late tuition may require a $30.00 late fee per student. If your payment is returned for any reason there will be a $30.00 fee in addition to the $30.00 late fee. Those in group classes pay $100.00 per month. There are no make ups for missed group classes.  A group class becomes a private lesson when there are less than 2 students paying for that spot.  And the rate will reflect $140.00 per month.

Make-up Lessons

There are no make-up lessons. During times of clinics/sectionals/group rehearsals and performances, a student may receive more time than the 25 minute lesson would provide - and those clinics/sectionals/group rehearsals may also be scheduled in lue of regular private lessons. Students who fully participate in our program will receive the most benefit and value. The monthly tuition will not be reduced due to missed lessons/clinics/sectionals and/or group rehearsals. On occasion there may be a substitute teacher (Assistant Drum Coach) during lesson time. And 20 minute online lessons may also be available.


In the event the drum coach cancels a lesson, there may be an opportunity to schedule an alternative lesson (which may be with another student in the lesson). Once an alternative lesson is scheduled, it is the student’s responsibility to attend – there will be no make ups for missed alternative lessons. Any student wishing to take the summer off must pay tuition for the summer months to hold their spots for the fall. We also require a 30 day notice from anyone wishing to discontinue/take a break from drum lessons. Students enrolled in a group lesson may have a reduced lesson time (15 minutes instead of 25 minutes) if their partner cannot make it to the lesson time.


We do not limit the learning experience to only the classroom. To make the most of your experience, practice of at least 15/30 minutes, 5 times weekly is strongly encouraged for student growth.

Show Fees

We are show driven studio. As such, students are expected to perform. We will at a minimum, have at least one Spring event and one Winter event. However, there will be many more opportunities during the year to participate in other events to showcase student talent. If a Show Fee and/or a Prop Fee will apply, advance notice will be given.

Semester Fee

A Semester Fee is due on December 1st for the Spring Semester and on June 1st for the Fall Semester. The Semester Fee is $125.00 each semester. This fee is necessary for administrative costs, supplies, equipment, studio improvements, office paperwork etc. If a student joins later than January or July, the fee will be due along with that student’s first month’s tuition.

Show Prep


As we are performance driven, during weeks leading up to performances, students may be expected to attend additional rehearsals. Likewise, the week following a major performance may be a down week due to the amount of time spent in preparation.  All students participating in a performance must be an active student/current on tuition and other fees.

Holiday Hours

The studio will be closed due to holidays during the following times: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Spring Break, Good Friday, Juneteenth, the 4th of July, two weeks during the summer (TBD), Labor Day Weekend, Indigenous People’s Day (Fka Columbus Day), the week of Thanksgiving and the week in-between Christmas and the New Year. In the event the RRISD closes due to inclement weather, our studio will be closed. Monthly tuition will remain consistent during these closings.

Media Release

I give ROUND ROCK DRUMS permission to publish my child’s photo and/or video clips in promotional publications, videos or on the web.

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