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“Talented…patient…enthusiastic.  This is how I describe Mr Ed and Round Rock Drums.  I trust him to teach my 7-year-old son every week.” 

- Adam Michell

“Mr Ed is an excellent drummer and teacher…his unwavering passion for inspiring people to be their best and his masterful ability to motivate others is priceless.  If you have an opportunity to learn from Mr. Ed, do not pass it up!” 

- Amy Landau

“I hope when my son grows up he finds something to do with his life that he enjoys as much as Mr Ed does.” 

- Mark Kania

“I like learning from Mr. Ed as he is very energetic and makes learning fun. I particularly like that he lets me share & incorporate my thoughts and suggestions about the music piece we are creating. That makes me own some of the creative process and feel fully involved in the music in every way.”

-  Gaurav Signgh

“Besides being an amazing drum coach, Ed is a wonderful human being…My child is blessed to have this wonderful person right here in our community to spend time with, be inspired by and learn not just music but valuable life lessons from as well.”

-  Ruma Signgh

“Mr. Ed is a fantastic drummer whose lifelong love of playing shines through to his students. You can see he motivates them with his kindness and excitement and makes things fun.” - parent

“Fun. You learn so much but at the same time have a ton of fun. I could go to a lesson being in a bad mood and leave with a smile on my face!” - student

“Teaching is a gift, not a job! and we feel so blessed to receive this gift from Mr. Ed.” - parent

"Great easygoing upbeat environment and lots of positive reinforcement, Mr. Ed is funny and keeps things relaxed and less serious most of the time." - student

“Challenging. Mr. Ed knows what he’s talking about and pushes you to do your best.” - student

“After the third lesson, my son got into the car and sadly said he wish his lessons were longer. Mr. Ed truly brings a genuine enthusiasm to each lesson and we are blessed to have found him.” - parent

“I like to bang on things with Mr. Ed.” - student

“Mr. Ed will match your energy every time through the whole lesson.” - student

“It is really fun. When Mr. Ed teaches me new stuff, it is very interesting. He is a very good drum teacher.” - student

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